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Little Cuterus T-Shirt


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I have brought back the Little Cuterus, as feels appropriate for the times.

I feel pretty disconnected from the news and the anger and anxiety that stirs within the Feminine right now. But I know many people who are affected by the current conversation, and my heart goes out to them and their hurts. I may not feel the same anger and anxiety, but I still cry for them at night.

I want this Little Cuterus to remind us that the womb is a place of peace and beautiful creation—and no, not just PROcreation. It is our creative center, and craves love. Our love.

No matter what happens, our bodies deserve peace, and only our minds can give it that. The world will always offer something threatening for us to find anger and worry in.

We can’t forget to come back to ourselves at the end of the day and realize those external conversations exist as just that, externally. And there is an internal conversation waiting to be had, right here in this body.

Our organs are always speaking, and this one wants peace. Get angry, get sad, make a difference in the world, then come back home and allow yourself rest.

I love you. And I made you this t-shirt. I hope it serves as a reminder to come home to your body at the end of the day.


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