The Little Cuties Coloring Book

A book of characters reminding us to go easy on ourselves, love our bodies the way they are, and embrace each other’s differences.

The Little Cuties Coloring Book

A book of characters reminding us to go easy on ourselves, love our bodies the way they are, and embrace each other’s differences.


In this book, you’ll find dozens of Little Cuties. Tall ones, short ones, fat ones, small ones. Happy ones, sad ones, loved ones, friendly ones. They represent an immense variety of body and mental-health experiences that deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

50 Unique Little Cuties to Color

Each Little Cutie was hand-drawn by Tiffany and given its own name, which is listed on the back of each page.

Create-Your-Own Templates

Create your own Little Cuties with face and leg templates!

Descriptive Glossary Included

At the back of the book is a glossary of the characters and the prompts that led to their creation. The majority of Little Cuties in this book are the result of a Body Positive Inktober art challenge.

Great For All Ages!

The Little Cuties in this book are suitable for any age. Whether you’re six or 60, these characters will provide hours of stress-free coloring.

Customer Reviews

Kambria is in LOVE with her Little Cuties coloring book. I told her that I have known you since I was a little girl and I was so proud of you for following your dreams, working hard and creating something so wonderful for little ones. She has been going to town coloring in it and what melted my heart the most was when she said, “Mommy, do you think when I’m a big girl I can work hard and be a heartist too?! And make things that make people happy?” Of course I told her yes, if she works hard and tries her best, I don’t see why she wouldn’t be able to be a super rad heartist. ❤️😘 Thank you for inspiring my little lady.
Erica M.
Tiffany Eller has created a really great coloring book with truly distinct little characters in a very neat world! Lot of fun for the little ones or the adult that likes to relax a bit by staying between the lines…. Check it out y’all!
Zach B.
The Little Cuties coloring book is a charming and wholesome exploration of body positivity and beyond. The artwork lives up to the title even as it delves into very real topics, and into many more that celebrate love, joy and life. For me it’s both a treat to the eyes and the soul to flip through pages of Little Cuties.
Aaron F.
My mom has vision issues and has a history of seizures. This is a meaningful coloring book that doesn’t bother her eyes. She is in assisted living and I’m sure she has enjoyed passing the time coloring it.
Sandy A.

Start Coloring Today.

Little Cuties are waiting for you to add color to their world!

Start Coloring Today.

Little Cuties are waiting for you to add color to their world!


Frequently Asked Questions
Little Cuties are on a mission to teach us that all shapes, sizes and experiences are valid and worthy of adoration. They love being there for each other and for you. These limitless, yet minimal, characters remind us that it’s our differences that make us beautiful, and that vulnerability will save us all. They serve as a reminder that every shape, size, and life experience is beautiful. These little characters will break stigmas around mental health, fight for fat liberation, and encourage everyone to tell their body stories with confidence. It’s a big job, but sometimes big jobs are best left to little shapes.
The paper is a bright white with black or dark gray print. There are no perforated edges in this book.

Each Little Cutie has its own page, with only its name on the back. Perfect for gifting or framing without sacrificing another Cutie!

Books are shipped within 24 hours of your order (excluding weekends). Domestic shipping typically takes between 2-5 days via USPS.

Meet the Artist

Tiffany Eller is a graphic designer, podcaster, traditional artist, and body positivity advocate. Tiffany began drawing Little Cuties in 2017, and recently participated in a Body Positive Inktober drawing challenge on Instagram. The Little Cuties that emerged make up the majority of the art in the Little Cuties coloring book.

Little Cuties are meant to represent the different body and mental health experiences of our humanness. Tiffany saw a need for more body positivity in her community and decided to start The Body Story Podcast, where she interviews people each week about their unique body stories. She now uses The Body Story Podcast’s Instagram as the digital home for her Little Cuties.

Tiffany lives in Boise, Idaho, with her husband, Daniel, and daughter, Henley. She is the owner of Moonbaby Arts LLC, founder of the Idaho Pun Slam, and marketing director of Opal Theatre Company. No matter where she is or what she does, Tiffany will always find a way to share her creative spirit.

Caedan, 13, received his book today, and used it for the first time tonight. He was having a meltdown and this Little Cutie spoke to him. He said it reminded him of infinite sadness or being stuck in a loop, which is part of his daily meltdowns. He said it was nice to be able to color and assign his emotion to it, and then look up the original created meaning.

Tara B.

Little Cuties are more than just a fun coloring book – they are a portal into discussions about body image and all the baggage that goes along with it. I gave my 11-year old daughter some blank Cuties so she could create her own. When she showed me her creations, I was so sad to see she already had a negative image about her own body. However, that has led to many great discussions and her having more positive feelings towards herself. I never would have know this without Tiffany’s amazing Cuties!

Kristin B.

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