Tiffany Eller is a graphic designer, podcaster, traditional artist, and body positivity advocate. Tiffany began drawing Little Cuties in 2017, and recently participated in a Body Positive Inktober drawing challenge hosted by @bopolena on Instagram. The Little Cuties that emerged make up the majority of the art in the Little Cuties coloring book.

Little Cuties are meant to represent the different body and mental health experiences of our humanness. Tiffany saw a need for more body positivity in her community and decided to start The Body Story Podcast, where she interviews people each week about their unique body stories. She now uses The Body Story Podcast’s Instagram as the digital home for her Little Cuties.

Tiffany lives in Boise, Idaho, with her husband, Daniel, and daughter, Henley. She is the owner of Moonbaby Arts LLC, founder of the Idaho Pun Slam, and marketing director of Opal Theatre Company. No matter where she is or what she does, Tiffany will always find a way to share her creative spirit.


Throughout her life, Tiffany experimented with different art forms, from painting to sculpting miniatures and everything in between. In high school, graphic design got her attention, and by her college years it proved itself to be a lucrative career option.

Although her trade revolved around marketing and branding design, it didn’t fulfill her. But no matter what other art she pursued, nothing seemed to stick. It wasn’t until Little Cuties emerged that everything fell into place. This was the thing she was meant to bring into the world.

Now that she’s found a medium that comes naturally, and a message she believes is worth spreading, Tiffany hopes that Little Cuties can serve as a reminder that every shape, size, and life experience is beautiful. These little characters will break stigmas around mental health, fight for fat liberation, and encourage everyone to tell their body stories with confidence.

It’s a big job, but sometimes big jobs are best left to little shapes.