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Hi there, Cuties!

I want to end this stressful, difficult year on a positive note by sharing one of my happiest memories of 2020, Tiffany Eller’s creation of The Little Cuties and my joy at being asked to partner with her.

Last year, Captain Tiffany officially birthed the offspring of her mind and soul, the Little Cuties, into the world. The launch party embodied everything that the Little Cuties would come to stand for, even before a mission statement had been written: curiosity, community and play.

The room vibrated with Tiffany’s playful energy, infecting everyone present. Remember when you were a child and were doing something your parents would say was naughty but to you was just play? This was just such a night! We colored outside the lines of the Little Cuties coloring sheets, ate ALL the sugar cookies, and were united in community with our love of these creations, these Little Cuties.

The Little Cuties we were introduced to that night inspired us to ask questions: Why is this flag important? What is the significance of a heart being stitched back together?Why does this make me feel sad? We talked to Captain Tiffany and one another, making friends of strangers, exploring the answers to these questions.

For me, this evening inspired some personal reflection: How do I want to make other people feel? Why? What impact am I currently having on the people around me? 

I realized that I wanted to make other people feel how I felt that night. I felt smart-enough, good-enough, pretty-enough, worthy-enough. I felt… Enough.

I felt respected, valued, ACCEPTED. That acceptance penetrated my insecurities and I was able to relax into the evening, to enjoy the magic that was being shared with me—the magic of the Little Cuties

In the course of my reflections, I realized that I had the power to share that Little Cutie magic with others. I could help make others feel accepted, respected, valued—enough. In the process of co-creating The Little Cuties’ mission with Captain Tiffany, I discovered that the tenets of that mission are the best guides to spread the Little Cutie magic: 

  • Curiosity—We afford people the space to be themselves when we meet them with curiosity, removing the pressures of judgement. Meeting someone where they are, allowing them to be themselves, gives us the opportunity to value someone for who they are.
  • Community—When we create community based on curiosity and play, we foster MORE curiosity and play! Belonging to such a community offers acceptance; you don’t need to be anyone other than your true self.
  • Play—When we engage in play together—anything from a game night and lively conversation to collaborating on an artistic endeavor—we co-create the reality of the world as we wish it to be. In that process of co-creation, we are also exploring who we are and who we want to become. This kind of play is impossible if you don’t respect the other people—and yourself.

When Captain Tiffany invited me to join her as co-captain, I saw an opportunity to not only practice these tenets myself, but to share them with others.

I share them now, Little Cutie, with the hope that you are able to find your own way to meet people with curiosity, to find your communities, and to incorporate play into your life.

I hope you feel respected, valued, and accepted by others. But most importantly, I hope you know that you are enough.

 <3, Co-Captain Catherine