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Hi there Cuties,


I have always been a reader. As a child, reading was a doorway to new worlds, where I was never alone, kept company by my friends on the pages. Almost every story I’ve read has marked me in some way. One line from one story, The Abarat by Clive Barker, is still a touchstone for me:

“Take courage in your purpose… Even if it isn’t yet clear.”*

When I was 12, I fell into a depression that lasted through college. I was very fortunate; when I asked for help in high school, my family supported me and helped me find a wonderful therapist. I was able to ask for help because of that one line in a book I read when I was 11.

The line was offered as a lifeline of support to the main character, Candy Quackenbush, when she felt confused and alone in a world to which she was a stranger. She knew she was there for a reason but had no idea what that reason was or why it should be her in the story. Wandering around the world, meeting new characters, Candy learned about the world into which she had fallen. 


In the course of her travels, Candy discovered her own power. In addition to her magic abilities, she learned about herself—her values, and the capacity that empathy, friendship, and love had to change the lives of those she cared for. In changing the lives of those she touched, she forever altered the world in which she found herself.


This line was not just a lifeline to Candy but to me as well. To me, the words acknowledge the courage it takes to continue when I want to give up, when I feel worthless or lost. This quote accepts that it is okay to not know who you are or what you stand for. That life is a process of becoming and discovery, not an endpoint to be achieved. That there is a timing to life and that if I just kept living, I would find my purpose. 


I was encouraged by one of my fictional friends to, “Take courage in [MY] purpose… Even if it [wasn’t] yet clear.” And I did. I come back to this line as a touchstone. I am still discovering my purpose and who I am and am learning to not just allow, but to enjoy, the process of becoming who I am. 


I offer this story and this quote to anyone who might be struggling with their own story, their own journey of becoming. To truly live, to live authentically, takes courage, empathy, friendship, and love.

I joined Little Cuties with the express purpose of growing these values in the world and inspiring courage and curiosity in those who live in it. I hope after reading my story, you feel inspired to give yourself the time and space to live your life authentically and to enjoy your journey of becoming.

I hope you surround yourself with friends who love and support you. But most importantly, I hope you remember to take courage in your purpose, even if it isn’t yet clear.


<3, Catherine

*You can find this quote on page 305 of Clive Barker’s Abarat, published in 2002 by HarperCollins